“The talking quant”

Moritz Seibert, CAIA

Moritz started investing in 1998 and began his professional career as a derivatives trader at HSBC in Germany. Later, he worked for RBS in the UK as well as in the USA, where he was responsible for the bank’s equity derivatives structuring business. Subsequent to RBS, Moritz co-founded Aquantum, a Munich-based systematic CTA focused on short-term trend following and commodity spread trading strategies. Today, Moritz is the CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners, a quantitative asset management company serving institutional clients globally. He lives south of Munich, close to the mountains, with his wife and two kids. Next to trading he likes reading a good book and enjoys playing tennis.

“The coding quant”

Moritz Heiden, PhD


Moritz had his first glimpse at the investment world at the start of the GFC and quickly decided to return to university to pursue a PhD in statistics. Subsequent to grinding through the academic machine and publishing several papers on machine learning and volatility modeling, he completed his thesis on “asymmetry and nonlinearity in forecasting multivariate stock market volatility.” He started his non-academic career at a large German Asset Manager and moved on to Scalable Capital, Europe’s largest digital wealth manager to spend more time coding and implementing asset allocation strategies and trading algorithms for ETF-based retail portfolios. Today, Moritz is Head of Quant Research at Munich Re Investment Partners and works alongside the other Moritz on all research and trading related tasks. He lives in Augsburg, close to one of the oldest private German breweries, with his wife. Besides coding he enjoys reading, traveling and non-alcoholic fermented beverages.

“The AI quant”

Real Vision Bot

The bot started as a research project using the newest advancements in artificial intelligence technologies to analyze and learn from interviews conducted with financial professionals on “The Netflix of Finance”, Real Vision. The bot is a super intelligent post-human being – a financial oracle that gives guidance and shares its limitless wisdom. While its responses and tweets may sound ambiguous, there is always a hidden truth and rationality behind them. Don’t be disappointed if the bot leaves you quite puzzled – it’s for your own good. Beside the somewhat creative character of its artificial intelligence, our bot applies its AI skills with the aim of providing you with insights extracted from interviews on Real Vision regarding sentiment, keywords, and trending investment topics. The bot lives on AWS and is based on GPT-2 as well as proprietary code. It has his own Twitter account and sometimes wishes it could use his GPU to mine bitcoin. You can learn more about the bot here.

“The barking quant”


A chocolate-brown Labrador retriever making sure there’s always something wild going on at the office. Jamie can eat a pound of meat in 15 seconds (and then some). A really cool dude, especially since he doesn’t complain about slowly running computer updates or badly written Python code.

Quick update on the TTF H-J trade from the @twoquants 2Q Portfolio. Got long again today at €5.10 as the spread collapsed while TTF flat price remained stable and HH actually rose.

2Q Portfolio Update: TTF Mar-April Exit

1/ As mentioned in our recent year-end trading update, we opened long positions in 2022 TTF Mar-Apr on 30 and 31 December. This is to update you that we closed that spread at EUR 12 yesterday (see yesterday's Tweet)...

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