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When quants and crypto collide

Exponential Age Asset Management CIO Moritz Seibert probes the mind of Martin Green, CEO and Co-CIO of Cambrian Asset Management. Moritz and Martin discuss different quantitative investment strategies and their application to the digital asset market, a space like no other. Martin shares how he handles trading in the spot market versus the derivatives [...]

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Market-neutral strategies set this crypto fund apart

Exponential Age Asset Management CIO Moritz Seibert returns with a new episode in his asset management series where he explores the techniques of top asset managers in the crypto-verse. Seibert welcomes Nickel Digital Portfolio Manager David Fauchier to explain the market-neutral approach behind the Diversified Alpha Fund he oversees. Investors in old-school financial markets [...]

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Liquidity drives success for this crypto hedge fund

How do the world’s most successful crypto hedge funds think about trading? Exponential Age Asset Management CIO Moritz Seibert is hosting a series of interviews with top asset managers about their approach. In the first episode, Edward Chin and Thejas Nalval of Parataxis Capital join Seibert to share their views on the most [...]

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How the Real Vision Bot is Building a Digital Community

Quantitative traders Moritz Heiden and Moritz Seibert, chief technology officer and chief investment officer, respectively, at the Exponential Age Digital Asset Management Fund, developed the Bot to help Real Vision better understand market sentiment by studying topics covered and emotions expressed in video interviews on our platform. This research project has grown to [...]

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In Memory of Dr. Van K. Tharp

We're incredibly sad to hear of Dr. Tharp's passing. I believe Van’s books on trading and trading psychology rank among the best trading books ever written. They are immensely valuable for traders, both novice and experienced, and have shaped the way we manage our own portfolios today. His magnificent work, his books, and his courses will be [...]

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Real Vision: Aaron Wright – DAO Magic

Aaron Wright, the co-founder of OpenLaw, narrates his journey into cryptocurrencies and speaks with Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich RE Investment Partners, about the opportunities and limitations of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Wright jokingly describes DAOs as Reddit groups with a bank account attached. DAOs are community-led organizations represented by rules encoded as a computer [...]

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