Maximizing Diversification: The Trend Following Trading Think Tank

A farmer throws many seeds, a tennis player hits more than one ball, and a trend following trader places many probing bets in the markets, using a consistent risk budgeting framework for statistical equality. Where we, that is Jerry Parker, Richard Brennan, and Simon M, all agree, is this: Diversification benefits are gratis. There’s no cost other [...]

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Sydney Turtle Traders – Special

The financial markets are in a perpetual state of flux, constantly evolving with changes in technology, shifts in regulatory landscapes, and the dynamic entry and exit of market players, all while business cycles ebb and flow. In the face of such uncertainty, how do we navigate these turbulent waters? How can we effectively process [...]

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Bibo Wine Bar Event

Dive into the legendary world of Turtle Trading! Watch the recording of a great evening with trend following fund manager panelists Jerry Parker, Moritz Seibert, Moritz Heiden and Adam Havryliv, with Richard Brennan acting as this evening's MC. As a special bonus, renowned author and expert on the Turtles Experiment, Michael Covel dialed in [...]

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Where To Find Your Trading Edge

You can generate wins taking random setups in the normal distribution pattern of historic prices. You’ll also generate your share of losses. To achieve any sort of long-term success, you need something that’s repeatable. “We need an edge in that market data to deliver positive expectancy over the long term,” says Richard Brennan. That [...]

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From CTA to web3

In this episode, Corey Hoffstein, host of the popular "Flirting with Models" podcast, speaks with the Twoquants: Moritz Seibert and Moritz Heiden. There are really two halves to this episode. In the first, we discuss trend following strategies at length and cover the usual topics of signals, speeds, and portfolio construction before diving into [...]

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When quants and crypto collide

Exponential Age Asset Management CIO Moritz Seibert probes the mind of Martin Green, CEO and Co-CIO of Cambrian Asset Management. Moritz and Martin discuss different quantitative investment strategies and their application to the digital asset market, a space like no other. Martin shares how he handles trading in the spot market versus the derivatives [...]

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