Real Vision: Aaron Wright – DAO Magic

Aaron Wright, the co-founder of OpenLaw, narrates his journey into cryptocurrencies and speaks with Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich RE Investment Partners, about the opportunities and limitations of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Wright jokingly describes DAOs as Reddit groups with a bank account attached. DAOs are community-led organizations represented by rules encoded as a computer [...]

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Real Vision: Jerry Parker – Follow the Rules

Jerry Parker, chairman and CEO of Chesapeake Capital, joins Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners and one of the two quants at, for a deep dive discussion on systematic trading strategies. Parker has had an exceptional career as a systematic trend following trader, and over the last 32 years, Chesapeake has compounded [...]

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Real Vision: Argo Blockchain – Leading the Green Mining Wave

Peter Wall, CEO of Argo, joins Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners and co-founder at, to discuss crypto mining, its carbon footprint, sustainable power management, and the institutional adoption of green cryptocurrencies coming out of the space. Wall describes Argo as being focused on access to power and access to machines—with that, [...]

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Real Vision: “Unknown Market Wizard” Jason Shapiro

Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners and co-founder at, welcomes to Real Vision Jason Shapiro, principal of JS Trading and one of the traders profiled in Jack Schwager’s “Unknown Market Wizards.” Shapiro traces his journey from being a commercial banker at HSBC to a mover and shaker in the equity futures market. [...]

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2Q Conversations – With Gregory Zuckerman

Filmed on February 5, 2021 In this 2Q Conversations video, George Coyle and Moritz Seibert speak with Gregory Zuckerman. Greg writes for the WSJ and is the author of “The Man Who Solved the Market” – an interesting and well-written book about the highly secretive hedge fund Renaissance Technologies (RenTec) and the people behind the [...]

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Real Vision: 4-Year Bitcoin Cycles: Is it Still Time to Buy?

Anatoly Crachilov, founding partner and CEO of Nickel Digital Asset Management, joins Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners and co-founder at, to explore trading crypto markets, custody, and where the crypto space is headed. Crachilov discusses Nickel Digital Asset Management and its sophisticated key management solution they use for clients. He explains [...]

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Real Vision: Bitcoin & the Economics of Mining

Marco Krohn, CEO and co-founder of Genesis Group, and Marco Streng, founder of Genesis group, join Moritz Seibert, co-founder at & CEO/CIO at Munich RE Investment Partners, to discuss Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, and the changing dynamics of mining. Krohn explains how they first got into Bitcoin and how they turned their interest in crypto [...]

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Real Vision: The Secrets of “Unknown Market Wizards”

Jack Schwager, co-founder of FundSeeder and author of the "Market Wizards" series, joins Moritz Seibert, CEO and CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners, to give a glimpse into the heads of the world’s best investors. Through the lens of his latest book, "Unknown Market Wizards: The Best Traders You’ve Never Heard Of," Schwager finds his [...]

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