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A Trend Following Approach to Bitcoin Trading

Written by Seth Dingle, edited by Moritz Seibert As bitcoin makes a run at it’s all time high, the bitcoin maximalists are out in force on social media preaching the gospel about how "digital gold" will soon be taking over the fiat world, and how you should be selling everything you own to “stack [...]

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Trade Update: For a Few Bitcoin More

Yesterday, we decided to get back into the bitcoin cash & carry trade as the CME futures basis traded at greater than 35% annualized in the early afternoon European time. We bought 5 bitcoin on Bitstamp at $19,515 including the 0.25% transaction charge and simultaneously sold 1 Dec 20 CME bitcoin futures contract at [...]

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Bitcoin Correlation in 2020

The digital gold narrative is compelling, but it doesn't show up in correlation numbers This post is a quick follow up to our recent "Post-election melt up" article which you can read here and where we had a look at how some of the most relevant financial markets performed in the two weeks before and [...]

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Real Vision: Bitcoin & the Economics of Mining

Marco Krohn, CEO and co-founder of Genesis Group, and Marco Streng, founder of Genesis group, join Moritz Seibert, co-founder at Twoquants.com & CEO/CIO at Munich RE Investment Partners, to discuss Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, and the changing dynamics of mining. Krohn explains how they first got into Bitcoin and how they turned their interest in crypto [...]

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Post-Election Melt Up

A picture says more than 1,000 words We've seen a massive melt-up in risk assets since Election Day. And yes, Bitcoin is again the best performing asset, followed by European and UK equities. Safe assets such as bonds and gold have been performing relatively poorly since November 3rd. Let's now compare this to the [...]

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Real Vision: The Secrets of “Unknown Market Wizards”

Jack Schwager, co-founder of FundSeeder and author of the "Market Wizards" series, joins Moritz Seibert, CEO and CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners, to give a glimpse into the heads of the world’s best investors. Through the lens of his latest book, "Unknown Market Wizards: The Best Traders You’ve Never Heard Of," Schwager finds his [...]

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The Fiscal and Monetary Response to COVID

This is an excerpt from our Monthly Macro View. If you'd like to have full access to our Monthly Marco View, please have a look at our subscription options. Thursday's ECB meeting hinted at more monetary stimulus in light of a growing rate of COVID infections and increasing restrictions as well as lockdowns across Europe. [...]

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Who Needs a Reason? This Market Wants to Go Higher

This is an excerpt from our weekly 2Q Portfolio report. If you'd like to have access to the full report, including details about the 2Q Portfolio, please contact us. Last week US stocks had their biggest rally in three months. Why? It may be the expectation of a “blue-sweep” with the Democrats winning unified control [...]

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Trade Update: For a Few Bitcoin More

Bitcoin spot prices fell last week, coming close to the USD$10k level. In line with this decline, the implied funding spreads of the CME and ICE futures contracts narrowed substantially, trading below 10% annualized since Wednesday. We therefore decided to close our positions on Wednesday to realize the gains of our Cash & Carry trade. [...]

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