In Memory of Dr. Van K. Tharp

We're incredibly sad to hear of Dr. Tharp's passing. I believe Van’s books on trading and trading psychology rank among the best trading books ever written. They are immensely valuable for traders, both novice and experienced, and have shaped the way we manage our own portfolios today. His magnificent work, his books, and his courses will be [...]

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2Q Portfolio Update

It’s been a while since we published the last update on our 2Q Portfolio. While we update the live performance numbers each week on our website here, we don’t usually release details on the 2Q Portfolio’s positioning or its return drivers. But, with the third quarter now behind us, we reckon it’s about time [...]

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When High Volatility Reduces Risk

Investors do not necessarily lower their risk by reducing the volatility expectation of their returns. That’s because volatility and risk are two very separate matters. When investors are too keen on obtaining a smooth “all weather” return stream, odds are that at some point they will end up with the opposite. That opposite is negative [...]

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