The Interplay Between Crypto & Global Macro

Featuring Dan Tapiero, Jordi Alexander, Jean-Marie Mognetti and Moritz Seibert at Token2049 in London

Recorded on November 9, 2022.

While the FTX debacle was fully unfolding, I had the pleasure of moderating the the Crypto & Global Macro panel at Token2049 in London on 9 November 2022. With me on the panel were Dan Tapiero from 10T Holdings, Jordi Alexander from Selini Capital, and Jean-Marie Mognetti, the Founder & CEO of CoinShares.

We used this setting as an opportunity to look beyond FTX and how blockchains will likely transform and enrich our economies. There’s a new digital world currently being developed in front of our eyes, and while the chaos around FTX currently distracts from the many advantages which DLT technologies and web3 can bring to us, this new world is growing nevertheless.

We also discussed interest rates and central bank policies (and how this affects digital asset prices), the role of gold, and the current inflationary period in most, if not all, developed economies.