Trade Update: For a Few Bitcoin More

In last week’s publication (For a Few Bitcoin More), we presented a Bitcoin cash & carry trade. It’s a live trade, i.e., it’s on my book. As promised we aim to update our trade ideas regularly and keep you posted with relevant information. This week, we are looking into the sensitivity of the trade to [...]

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For a Few Bitcoin More

In the next couple of weeks we’ll start sharing some live trades on the Twoquants website, i.e., trades which we have put onto our own book (broker statements will be shown to provide evidence). Those trades will be shown in a separate Twoquants report, and they’ll either be: systematic in nature and thus the result [...]

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A Mom and Pop Trade Idea for Oil and Gas

Since last week, retail traders have fully taken over. To break it down for you: Robinhood is now the new Vegas, David Portnoy the new Warren Buffet (or maybe not?) and Tesla the new VW Toyota. Looks like people are taking the #happytrading seriously in times of lockdown and closed gambling venues. While we [...]

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