Featuring Anatoly Crachilov (CEO at Nickel Digital) and Moritz Seibert on Real Vision

Filmed on January 15, 2021.

Anatoly Crachilov, founding partner and CEO of Nickel Digital Asset Management, joins Moritz Seibert, CEO/CIO of Munich Re Investment Partners and co-founder at Twoquants.com, to explore trading crypto markets, custody, and where the crypto space is headed. Crachilov discusses Nickel Digital Asset Management and its sophisticated key management solution they use for clients. He explains their use of more efficient perpetual swaps that settle every 8 hours as opposed to traditional futures that settle monthly. Crachilov says that 2020 is the year that Bitcoin went institutional and that, even though we are near all-time highs, his indicators show that there appears to be much more growth to come.