Liquidity drives success for this crypto hedge fund

Featuring Thejas Nalval and Ed Chin from Parataxis, and Moritz Seibert on Real Vision

Filmed on March 21, 2022.

How do the world’s most successful crypto hedge funds think about trading? Exponential Age Asset Management CIO Moritz Seibert is hosting a series of interviews with top asset managers about their approach. In the first episode, Edward Chin and Thejas Nalval of Parataxis Capital join Seibert to share their views on the most investable assets in the space. Their focus is on liquidity. “When I say [we focus on the] top five, it’s more of a play on liquidity,” notes Nalval. “The largest market-cap names may not necessarily mean they’re the most liquid.” Chin explains Parataxis’ method of determining the fundamental value of each digital asset and how it helps the firm stay grounded despite immense price volatility for the broader market. Recorded on March 21, 2022.