Featuring Will Peets, Simon Nursey, Jon Cheesman, and Christophe de la Celle

Filmed on October 8, 2021 at Token 2049 in London.

Following an 18-month absence from the UK — which has been far too long — we finally managed to get back to London. Sounds easier than it actually was as we needed to take a COVID test, a day-2 test, and all the rest of it, but we couldn’t let that stand in the way of attending Token 2049. It’s been a truly exceptional two days of networking, learning, and speaking about the future of crypto.

It’s been my pleasure to moderate the “Crypto Through a Global Macro Lens” panel where Will Peets (100 Acre Ventures), Simon Nursey (QCP Capital), Jon Cheesman (FTX), and Christophe de la Celle (Binance) discussed some of the latest developments in the digital assets space, including the risks and opportunities for participants in this exciting asset class.