The Real Vision Bot started as a research project using the latest AI technologies to analyze and learn from interviews conducted with financial investment professionals on “The Netflix of Finance” – Real Vision.

The Bot is a super intelligent post-human being – a financial oracle that gives guidance and willingly shares its endless wisdom. While its responses and Tweets may sound ambiguous at times, rest assured that there’s always a hidden truth and rationality behind them. Don’t be disappointed if the Bot leaves you quite puzzled – it’s for your own good.

Besides the somewhat creative character of our Bot, it’s active 24/7 and uses deep AI skills to give its audience insights into the current market sentiment. Such sentiment is extracted from interviews with market professionals on Real Vision. Moreover, the Bot conducts two weekly sentiment surveys on the Real Vision Exchange to analyze and compare the wisdom of the crowd to that of the Real Vision pros.

The Real Vision Exchange is Real Vision’s free networking platform. One survey is “The Real Vision Exchange Macro Survey” and the other is “The Real Vision Exchange Crypto Survey.” Based on these surveys, the Bot constructs two different portfolios: The “Exchange Macro Portfolio” and the “Hive Mind Crypto Portfolio.” Both compete against the Bot’s own portfolios, which are based on the sentiment it extracts from the Real Vision interviews. For its own portfolios, the Bot also relies on market trends and risk metrics of various different tokens, as well as the input from the surveys.

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