The combined PL of our ICE and CME trades was essentially flat this week and stands at $999 gross ($786 net). We are now 53 days into our ICE trade and 15 days into our CME trade.

Trade history

  • 22 Jun: Sell 2 July 2020 ICE Bitcoin futures contracts at $9,482.5
  • 22 Jun: Buy 2 spot BTC on Bitstamp at $9,415.35
  • 14 Jul: Rollover Jul-Aug ICE Bitcoin futures at $85 (+2 July at $9,210, -2 August at $9,295)
  • 30 Jul: Sell 1 Aug 2020 CME Bitcoin futures contract at $11,255
  • 30 Jul: Buy 5 spot BTC on Bitstamp at $11,021

The net PL includes the following:

  • 0.25% one-off charge at Bitstamp when buying spot BTC
  • Futures commission: $4 per lot per side (rollover trades will be included)
  • Funding charge (spread) on futures margin: We assume a margin funding charge (spread) of 0.25% per year (the actual number depends on your broker). The initial margin requirements also depend on your broker. We assume 200% initial margin for a short position on ICE, and 70% initial margin for a short position on CME.

Note that this is only an idea, not advice of any kind as pointed out in our Disclaimer.